CAAB Constitution 2017

CONSTITUTION of the Campaign for the Accountability of American Bases

PROPOSED ON 14 January 2017 at a meeting held at Carlton Hill Quaker Meeting House, 188 Woodhouse Lane, Leeds, LS2 9DX

1 Name The name of the Group shall be Campaign for the Accountability of American Bases

2 Aims The aims of the Group shall be to:

  • Raise awareness of the nature and magnitude of the US military presence in the UK.
  • Raise awareness of the lack of transparency around the arrangements for the US military presence in the UK.
  • Raise awareness of the activities of the US military presence in the UK.
  • Demand that any US military activity and US security agency activity carried out in the UK is done in such a way that is fully accountable to the UK Government, UK and International Law.
  • Raise awareness of the nature, magnitude and consequences of the US military presence outside the United States.
  • Challenge the legitimacy of the presence and role of the US visiting forces and their agencies with the ultimate aim of the total removal of the US bases from the UK.
  • Support other groups working towards the same aims both within the UK and around the world.

Our focus is primarily on the US bases within the UK, especially Menwith Hill. The group is not anti American or anti individual Americans but it is concerned with the US bases and their activities in the UK. The Aims of CAAB will be delivered through a variety of activities which will vary from time to time. There are activities CAAB is currently doing including the weekly Tuesday evening demonstration at Menwith Hill, newsletter production, monitoring relevant planning applications, arranging specific events such as the Independence from America event on or about 4th July and Keep Space for Peace week event. Maintaining a web site and a Facebook presence. Raising relevant Parliamentary Questions through Members of Parliament. Undertaking and / or commissioning research relevant to its aims. CAAB seeks to support people working towards the overall aims of the group. A website, FaceBook page and a newsletter will be managed by CAAB.


3 Way of working As a Peace organisation CAAB should base its activities on non-violence, treating each other and those with whom we are in contact with respect and dignity, even if we disagree about the views being expressed. As a campaigning organisation we should seek to base our campaigns on well researched and evidence based material.

4 Powers In order to achieve its aims the Group may:

  1. Raise money
  2. Open bank accounts
  3. Take out appropriate insurance for any public events being arranged by CAAB.
  4. Organise courses and events
  5. Work with other groups and exchange information
  6. Do anything that is lawful which will help it to fulfil its aims
  7. Appoint officers to fulfil certain roles for CAAB for defined time periods.
  8. Remove or reappoint officers as and when required.


5 Supporters Supporters are those who regularly receive the CAAB Newsletter and / or contribute financially.

6 Management

  1. CAAB shall be administered by a Committee of the Officers (Chair, Secretary and Treasurer) elected at the CAAB Annual General Meeting (AGM) and other supporters.
  2. The Officers of the Management Committee shall be: the Chairperson, the Treasurer and the Secretary.
  3. The Management Committee shall meet at least 3 times a year.
  4. The Chairperson shall Chair all meetings of the Group unless a deputy has been appointed.
  5. The quorum for Management Committee meetings shall be 4 officers and supporters.
  6. Voting at Management Committee meetings shall be by show of hands. If there is a tied vote then the Chairperson shall have a second vote.
  7. The Management Committee may by a two-thirds majority vote and for a good and proper reason remove any Committee member, provided that person has the right to be heard before a final decision is made.
  8. The Management Committee may appoint another CAAB supporter as a Committee member to fill a vacancy.


7 Duties of the Officers

  1. The duties of the Chairperson are to:
    • chair meetings of the Committee and the Group
    • represent the Group at functions/meetings that the Group has been invited to
    • act as spokesperson for the Group when necessary
    • The duties of the Secretary are to:
      • take and keep minutes of meetings
      • prepare the agenda for meetings of the Committee and the Group in consultation with the Chairperson
      • maintain the membership list<.li>
      • deal with correspondence
      • collect and circulate any relevant information within the Group
    • The duties of the Treasurer are to:
      • supervise the financial affairs of the Group
      • keep proper accounts that show all monies collected and paid out by CAAB

      Other officers are: Webmaster, Newsletter editor, Facebook administrator, Twitter manager


      8 Finance (a) Any money obtained by CAAB shall be used only as directed by the Management Committee. (b) Any bank accounts opened for CAAB shall be in the name of the CAAB. (c) Any cheques issued shall be signed by the Treasurer and one other nominated official if over £100 in value.

      9 Annual General Meeting (a) The CAAB shall hold an Annual General Meeting (A.G.M.) in the month of January. (b) All supporters shall be given at least fourteen days’ notice of the A.G.M. and shall be entitled to attend and vote. The quorum for an AGM shall be 5 supporters. (c) The business of the A.G.M. shall include: (i) receiving a report from the Chairperson on the Group`s activities over the year (ii) receiving a report from the Treasurer on the finances of the Group (iii) electing a new Management Committee and (iv) considering any other matter as may be decided.

      10 Special General Meeting A Special General Meeting may be called by the Management Committee or by any 4 supporters to discuss an urgent matter. The Secretary shall give all members fourteen days’ notice of any Special General Meeting together with notice of the business to be discussed. All supporters shall be entitled to attend and vote.

      11 Alterations to the Constitution Any changes to this Constitution must be agreed by at least two-thirds of those supporters present and voting at any General Meeting.

      12 Dissolution The Group may be wound up at any time if agreed by two-thirds of those supporters present and voting at any General Meeting. In the event of winding up, any assets remaining after all debts have been paid shall be given to another Group with similar aims.

      This constitution was proposed at a general meeting of the Group on Date 14 January 2017