The Bases

Menwith Hill base

There are about 800 military bases around the world located in more than 70 countries. This fact alone reflects the status of USA as a dominant military world power.

Americans are told that they are essentiall for maintaining global security and worldwide peace, yet having  other countries'  military bases in the US would be unthinkable to the majority of American citizens. The bases have an estimated annual cost of more than $156 billion and can be home to drones, surveillance aircrafts, prepositioned aircrafts and supplies, training areas, nuclear weapons installations, missile testing sites, and many other functions.

David Vine: American Bases Around The World

David Vine wrote the book Base Nation, published in 2015, about US military bases around the world. This work is based on years of research and explains how these bases do not serve America's security or best interests, rather they anger and cause many in these occupied countries to rise up and demand that America go home.